Friday, December 5, 2008

One Week Later...Black Friday Finds

French Connection
Found: Loehmann's Backroom

Found: Loehmann's Backroom

Anthropology Sweater
Notice: the cute flower detailing! 

Horse Belt: Vintage
Flower Belt: Loehmann's

Three Rings: Forever 21
Red Flower (Clip On) Earrings: Vintage

I also got two pairs of sweet heels; pictures are a few posts below.  As great as Forever 21 and vintage stores are, sometimes they can be a little gross/overwhelming/weird smelling/too crowded.  I recommend the Forever 21 at Fashion Island in Newport because it is big, well stocked, and usually not too crowded.  It's best to go in the morning because everything is laid out nicely and not super picked through. To find legit vintage stores in south Orange County, I like to drive up PCH and look around. There is a great one called Junquie's in Dana Point; also, Tippy Canoe in Laguna Beach usually has interesting stuff, but unfortunately it's going out of business!! sad =(

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