Saturday, December 27, 2008

Resplendent Red

Red is not just for fire trucks and Christmas sweaters any more! It's an iconic staple, of course, but lately I've been seeing more and more of the Red Lip, along with twists on the classic such as lighter berry stains, and vampiric glosses. While red eye-lids might make one look like they've been hanging with the devil, bright red nails add the necessary color to predominantly neutral winter outfits. For the above collages I pulled photos from the blog TheCherryBlossomGirl, who has an entire photo album devoted to this resplendent color! Anthropologie's website also contained a special "red" section. GAP was inspi(red) to make it the representative shade for their fight against aids campaign. Even the British Scot Guards rep the color for their fearsome (if stationary) stance! I know Christmas has passed, but don't give up on the vibrant color just yet, I guarantee that it will carry you through until boring spring pastels wash it away.  

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