Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SUMMERTIME/and the livin's easy...

I've decided that I miss summer terribly. Every winter (if you can call 65 degrees with the rare occurrence of rain winter), I bust out my numerous jackets, scarves, tights, and boots with the same dependable glee. As soon as Christmas passes, I'm done. With winter that is.  Contributing to my summer nostalgia is the fact that two out of the three past January weekends have been sunny and 80 degrees (southern california really has a horrible case of weather ADD). Also, finals week is upon me, so instead of heading to the Laguna Beach Ritz-Carlton to solicit use of their pool, I trudge inside and spend the day pouring over calculus notes :( ... Whatever the cause, I have a persistant case of summer nostalgia, that can only be slightly remedied by the excitement of wearing these items...
(By the way, I know the wayfarers are now incredibly passé, but I think the white frames would make a nice statement against a perfectly tanned face.)
Alas, now I have to crawl under my covers wearing a sweater and socks, and étudie beaucoup for my French final tomorrow...au revoir!

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