Saturday, November 29, 2008


To be honest, few people would ever actually do this for a normal day to day look, but it gives you the freedom to use color, and would look fabulous with a black ballgown.
Note:  Do this look in aqua blue and you will look like your crazy Italian grandmother.

Cat-eye liner! This is pretty exaggerated, but it can have a sweet old-school effect if done right. I think it's cute with softer hair and makeup, so it doesn't get too rockeresque, which makes me think of Amy Winehouse, which in turn makes me think of cocaine. They have these excellent eye-liner pens at drugstores, which are basically sharpies for the eye, and make it super easy to do perfect cat-eyes!

Wow, is pretty much all i'm going to say. That is amazing. 

This is a completely bare eye, but she looks polished, because of the defined, but not creepily dark, eyebrows. Having perfectly chubby, rosy, lips never hurts! 

As you can probably tell, i'm a fan of heavy upper eyes...I always want to try fake lashes, but the one time I did was before a night of excessive dancing...not a good idea. They came out in sweaty clumps :( But don't be discouraged! They make actual high quality (and sometimes glittery or feathery) fake lashes that make you look dramatic and fabulous as long as you don'

I don't know why, but I really really like this look. Usually makeup artists rave about lining the inner corners with white, or at least dabbing shimmer there, but using black really draws you in, and isn't as obvious as you would expect!

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